Make them scared with your Yellow Peril pride.

Note: Stop being an Anti Black Asian, do better.


    Vinyl Glossy Stickers, 4x2. Good to use on laptops, water bottles, phones, etc.


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    No returns.


    Reclaim the phrase, honor your heritage and fight for liberation. 


    For decades those who have descended from the East have always been seen as a threat to Western Society. The fear that the West will be overpowered by the Yellow forces in the East is a fear held by many and can be seen throughout history manifesting in exclusionary immigration acts, targeted acts of violence and murder, and infinite attempts to degrade, dehumanize and other those deemed as Yellow. Never forget the endless presence of Western militaries across the Asian continent past and presently, all persons of Asian descent have been negatively affected by violence inflicted upon their ancestors by Western military forces. I ask all yellow persons to reclaim the phrase “Yellow Peril”, work against white supremacy and strive for liberation for all. 


    Yellow Peril is pro reparations, pro open borders, pro Native sovereignty.

    Yellow Peril is anti colonialism, anti white supremacy, anti capitalism, anti militarism. 


    Yellow Peril supports Black Power and knows Black Lives Matter. Yellow Peril recognizes the prevalence of anti blackness in Asian communities and actively seeks to educate and reform anti black attitudes.


    Yellow Peril prioritizes Black, Brown and Indigenous experiences and concerns over shallow issues of mainstream representation.


    Yellow Peril extends to anyone who is yellow and is a victim of Western white supremacy. Understanding that, those with varying levels of privilege recognize their position in relation to others and will tirelessly work towards liberating their marginalized comrades.